We are delighted to bring you our new Musical Moppets programme which has been created in association with Aloha Music and Aloha (Native English Teachers)


The Early Music Language programme is available in four principal stages for children and parents to come together and embrace creativity, English language and development of themselves.


The Fifth final Stage is where the children come together independently.


All stages of the course cover three primary areas of development which is fundamental to a child's learning whilst at the same time being immersed into an English language environment.

The three primary areas each course covers are

social development, communication and language and

physical development.

BABY BIRDS (4mths - Walking)

This programme is our multi-sensory session for babies which incorporate techniques to use at home. It focuses on not only language but techniques to bond with your baby, using music and creativity we create a magical world which mesmerises our baby birds. Parents will enjoy the community circle and enjoying time out with their baby.


LITTLE BIRDS   (1-2anos)

This course is designed to allow are new toddlers to develop key physical, social and communication skills whilst having lots of fun.

MINI HOOTS (2-3anos)

This course is designed to allow are new hoots to continue to develop key physical, social and communication skills. To start to have a foundation of basic English language skills whilst having lots of fun.

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BIG HOOTS (3-4anos)

This course is designed for pre-school children to learn and develop their English curriculum with letters, sounds, listening abilities and speaking skills.

Also do develop confidence and social skills.

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FLYING BIRDS (4-6anos)

This course is designed as the final stage for pre-school children where all skills are brought together to set the foundation of the English language and set the foundation of musical creativity. They will develop more confidence, independence and social skills as they are now flying birds on their own and developing.

This level will enable children to have a good knowledge of English and also good musical knowledge at their age.

This stage sets the essence for children who wish to have English classes or music lessons in the future. 

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