ALOHA provides you every opportunity to use us to the fullest in the English language.

Remember our Spanish is not perfect!!!


"The popularity of our mother language English is what drives ALOHA to provide Quality, Excellence and innovation in teaching for students and staff alike."



The innovation of ALOHA comes from understanding that language needs to be continued in order to maintain it. We at ALOHA maintain a happy, welcoming atmosphere so whether you are just starting out or have read our website in English to test yourself, we look forward to welcoming you with open arms.


At ALOHA every single person matters. Whatever your needs, ALOHA will cater to them. Students will benefit from structured English lessons tailored to both their needs and desires. This personalized approach is coupled with close academic support that is on hand 24/7. Our teachers draw upon years of experience in implementing engaging language activities that allow the use of your new found tongue in real life- contexts and situations. This is fundamental in all of our English Courses.

Our Teachers  

Whilst we at ALOHA understand the importance of grammar and vocabulary, it is equally important to develop strong communication skills, confidence in your own ability, and contextual understanding. All of ALOHA's language courses help you to achieve these goals and much more. With native teachers who provide an immersive learning experience that mimics being in England as closely as possible, you can learn not only how to gain your qualifications but how to stand on your own two feet in an English environment.

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